Travel Insurance

All students arrive in the U.S. with travel insurance to cover emergencies, and to reduce the cost of non-life threatening medical needs. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. In accordance with the guidelines of the insurance policy, no driving of any motorized vehicle is allowed while a student is on either the J-1 or the F-1 Programs.

Step 1 – Identify the type of care necessary

Life-threatening or serious injury

  • Make sure to bring the student’s insurance card with you
  • Contact Seven Corners Assist within 48 hours of admission (as soon as reasonably possible)
  • Call 911 or transport the student to the nearest hospital

Non-life threatening injury

Examples of when to seek these services are: cold, flu, minor injuries, illnesses

  • Please visit a local doctor, urgent care center or walk-in medical clinic
  • To find a list of local doctors within the Seven Corners network, please go to
  • If you are unsure where to take the student, call Seven Corners Emergency Services at 1-800-690-6295 (toll free) +1 317 818 2808 (Collect) and they will direct you to appropriate facility.
  • There is a $100 deductible per student for their entire stay.
  • There is a $250 deductible if a student is taken to the emergency room but not admitted.


Step 2 – Billing

  • Treatment with an in-network provider

    If you visit a doctor within the Seven Corners network and you provide the student’s ID card at the time of treatment, they should be able to bill the Seven Corners claim team directly with no payment upfront

  • Treatment with an out-of-network provider

    A claims form should be submitted for any up-front payment or bills received for treatment

  • A claim form is included in this packet, for additional claim forms go to

  • Claims can be emailed to

    You can also use this email address to follow up on any claims submitted.

  • Make sure to bring the student’s insurance card with you.

  • You can mail your claims to the address below or the fax number provided, but they will be processed a bit slower

Seven Corners, Inc.
303 Congressional Blvd
Carmel, IN 46032
Fax: 317 575 2659