Asian girl with booksOur Face the World J-1 culture exchange program places international exchange students in high schools and with host families across the United States. Our community reps offer extensive support and our exchange students, fostering global education in American high schools.

Benefits to Your School by Hosting Face the World Students

In an increasingly globalized world, American high schools face the challenge of teaching students cultural competency and preparing them to participate in an increasingly diverse workplace. Student exchange programs help expose and elevate high school communities’ “global competencies” as well as community service, language skills, cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Bring a Global Perspective to Your Schoolcanstockphoto2122424

Student cultural exchange presents opportunities to enhance every classroom’s learning environment. When students share school life with international students, sharing their cultural differences can enhance classroom learning, world perspective, and creating lasting cross-cultural bonds and understanding.

Why Face the World?

Face the World Foundation has been a dependable leader in cultural student exchange for over 30 years.

Face the World Support
  • Our CR’s offer extensive support to schools and our exchange students, fostering global education in American high schools.
  • Our CR’s are responsive, communicative and diligent in their efforts to support students, schools and host families.
  • Our CR’s strengthen collaboration between its community of educators and administrators.
Face the World Resources
  • Our CR’s guide educators and administrators through the process of getting students involved, providing information and support.
  • Our CR’s arrange permission for attendance at local schools and enroll the student upon arrival.