canstockphoto22756363As a leader in cultural exchange for over 30 years, Face the World  continues to expand its global network of professional, ethical partners dedicated to promoting cultural exchange for students based on exemplary program standards. Our goal is to promote intercultural awareness; tolerance and communication by partnering with other organizations that can help us achieve those goals for Face the World students and host families.

Basic Requirements

Our international partners must to be able to support and guide students during the screening and selection process - and must be able to:

  • Select only the most qualified students most likely to succeed
  • Effectively evaluate a student’s ability to adapt and thrive in the program
  • Anticipate and be available to support students throughout a program year
  • Ensure a student is completely satisfied with the program once accepted
  • Provide complete pre-departure orientations to prepare participants with the tools they will need to succeed.


Ensuring your staff is well trained is essential to a successful partnership. Our organization offers a variety of programs with specific requirements that include completing detailed applications and screening procedures. Our staff is happy to assist you with the initial Face the World training necessary.


If you are interested in becoming an international partner, please complete our Partner Inquiry Form and a Face the World staff member will personally contact you.

We look forward to speaking with you about the benefits of becoming one of our overseas partners.