The Benefits of Becoming a Host Family

Hosting an exchange student is a rewarding and life-changing experience for your family, creating a unique opportunity to experience other cultures and establish lifelong bonds.

Make Dreams Come True

Living and going to school in the US, and experiencing the American way of life is a dream come true for most exchange students. As a culturally diverse nation, we have a lot of values to share with international teens, including tolerance, equality, social justice, free speech, volunteerism and an entrepreneurial spirit.

There is no "Typical" Host Family

A Face the World host parent can be married, single, retired, with children or no children – a first time parent or a grandparent - there is no "typical" host family.

The Rewards of Becoming a Host Family

  • Gain an international son, daughter, or sibling
  • Experience a new family dynamic or parenthood
  • Expand your family’s horizons, connect them to the world and expose them to new cultures
  • Create lifelong memories and potential relationships between your family and the student
  • Feel good about the opportunities you provide for an international teenager to experience living in the US
  • Promote mutual cultural understanding, bringing different nationalities together to share ideas and compare values
  • Create global unity through relationships gained by the exchange process