I love working with youth and love traveling the world. This opportunity has allowed me to utilize my talents and abilities to work with students and families from all over the world. Our family has hosted over 26 students that we now call our own and we have had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful countries. I love my job and am passionate about what I do. I would love to share this opportunity with more families across the U.S. Hosting and working in youth exchange is one of the best things I have ever done.
Jan R., Nevada, Program Director

We were thinking about fostering and thought we would try hosting an exchange student instead.
Hoffman Family, Washington

Since we were not able to travel the world couldn't take our children around the world. We were able
to bring the world to them by hosting foreign exchange students. In doing so we have gained new children
and extended family around the world.
Theresa G., Washington, Regional Director

We decided to host an exchange student because we wanted to learn about a new culture, and give a student the opportunity to
experience living in the US. It has not been easy, yet, we are very thankful for everything we have learned and shared with her.
We have opened our hearts and home to a new member in our family, so she can learn, grow, and take some wonderful
memories home.
Maria K., Washington

Our student has become part of the family. He participates in family activities, helps with chores, and tried to fully experience American culture. In return we have learned about another culture and feel we bonded with him. My favorite story was when he went to Pike's Peak with us - he was very excited!
Marvin R., Kansas

We have learned to appreciate the differences in cultures between the students. Even though there are a lot of differences there is also a lot of common ground. We still remember when she first arrived. There were five large dogs here and she was a little taken aback. Now she is very easy around them.
Debbie and Cecil G., North Carolina