Dear Friends,

The contentious election season has finally ended here in the United States and the next President has been chosen. After hearing the victory speech from President-Elect Trump and the concession speech from Secretary Clinton, we are reminded again of the generosity of spirit and the core values of the American people – regardless of political party we all cherish the peaceful transition of power that is the hallmark of our democratic system. Democracy might lead to surprises at times, but we respect the choice that was made by the Electoral College and the citizens of the United States, and look forward to cheering the successes of the next administration.

Now more than ever, we passionately pursue our mission to bring students from around the world to our share in cross-cultural program. Our programs strengthen global awareness in a time of great international challenge. The interaction between international students and American families, businesses and communities strengthens our core values of liberty and justice. The students show on a very personal level what they love about their countries and we in turn can share what is unique to the United States. Together, they learn that we have more values in common than we have that differ. Together, they build memories that create bridges across the miles when they go home. Together, our efforts shape the leaders of tomorrow who will remain united in a shared vision of a positive, peaceful world. We see every day why this program works and why this program remains an important avenue through which Americans renew their love and respect for citizens of every nation.

This election season has only heightened our sense of purpose – we remain committed to you and the mission of the J-1 cross cultural exchange programs. While this election may bring in a new set of policies, we stand clear in our belief that America has and always will be a country founded on hope and will continue to foster international friendships and understanding through our cross cultural J-1 programs.


Mary Kass

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